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Here at Squatch, we have always been big supporters of our First-Responders, Law Enforcement, Military, and all those who put it all on the line for their fellow Americans and Mankind.  I was proud to get the chance to chat with an officer a few months back.  He is a stand up guy, a family man, and happens to have his own incredible blog, Nerd Cop Blog.  We are working on a really cool program to promote recycling, awareness, and self responsibility, as well as helping raise funds for some great causes.  The next excerpt is from a recent post.  Follow @NerdCopBlog on social media, check out his blog at , and ask how you can get involved.

Thank you Sir, it has been great to get to know you!!

-Kyle Baer

Squatch USA

Nerd Cop Blog:

- Kevin Warner

Aluminum! The weekend my son was born, I met the guys from Squatch at a Made in America expo. Did I need a custom machined can crusher? I did not. But they talked to me anyways, and while talking to Kyle, he told me about their commitment to the environment and to recycling. He rattled off statistics.
75% of all aluminum manufactured in the US is still in use today.
Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing any of its properties.

Americans threw away nearly $700 MILLION worth of aluminum cans every year.
I made major changes after meeting the Squatch guys. I’ve transitioned from plastics to aluminum and I’ve even started bringing cans home if I can’t find a recycling bin where I’m at. I’ve even picked up cans on duty.

The guys at @squatchusa didn’t ask me to post about them, and I haven’t received any compensation. What they did give me was a wake up call to problems I had been contributing to and the ease with which I could make small changes and add to the solution.

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I’d like to start a recycling program locally where the proceeds go towards benefiting LEO’s and kids, but I’ve got a few hurdles to overcome. Hoping 2020 becomes a year of positivity and growth.

Go check them out, see the awesome stuff they’re doing, and give them a like.